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We recognise that trade and investment are the propellers that drive economic growth and sustainable development of any region, country or state. Consequently BIPA, works to actualize Bayelsa State’ vision of providing a conducive and investor friendly atmosphere, through direct and complementary policy formulation, tax reforms, infrastructural development, security of life and property, power generation and energy initiatives, and the provision of incentives for private sector participation. In encouraging local, regional and foreign investors, BIPA is strategically positioned to drive the Invest Bayelsa brand as a model investment facilitator, and to make Bayelsa the preferred investment destination in the Gulf of Guinea region.

As an agency, we assess the factors that influence investors in making direct investment decisions in the state. And in collaboration with various partner institutions and organizations, we help foreign, indigenous, existing and prospecting companies in Bayelsa to create and / or add value to their enterprises through our team of experts who are knowledgeable on the business environment and opportunities in Bayelsa State.

We educate potential investors on available incentives within the State and nationally, and provide multi-level services to assist investors before, during and after the investment process.

The import of our slogan “TAKING BAYELSA TO THE WORLD…..AND BRINGING THE WORLD TO BAYELSA” becomes evident not just at the point of interface but, hinges on the fact that we work hand in glove with all relevant authorities and agencies, to ensure that when the world gets to Bayelsa, the synergy is profitable and when Bayelsa gets to the world, it is recognised as an attractive investment brand.

I welcome you to explore and invest in Bayelsa— the Glory of all Lands

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