Health Care targeting urban & rural communities

Medical Facilities in the State:

Federal Medical Centre in the State Capital, Yenagoa.

A Teaching Hospital attached to the State owned Niger Delta University, Okolobiri.

Bayelsa State Medical University, Yenagoa.

A WHO approved Model Management Hospital (Diete-Koki Memorial Hospital|)

A total of 28 Health Centres spread throughout the State.

Diagnostic Center and Forensics Lab, Yenagoa.

Key Investment Opportunities:

  • Outsourcing of Hospital Management and Administration

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Waste Management

  • Ambulance services

  • Partnerships on facility maintenance

  • Management of specialised healthcare training facilities

  • Development of specialised healthcare training facilities

  • Development of general hospitals in each of the 8 Local Government Areas of the State

  • Regeneration of existing Hospitals

  • Developing new Hospitals

  • Medical Tourism

  • Partnering with international Hospitals

  • Developing community health insurance schemes

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary health infrastructure

  • Training of medical staff

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