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Discover Bayelsa’s State 180km of uninterrupted coastline.

The State Government has placed tourism and hospitality development as one of its critical solutions to non-oil driven economic growth, improving internally generated revenue and aiding socio economic development.  Thus, the Government is seeking to bring in investors to bridge any deficit.  

There are many tourist attractions in Bayelsa State. There are two museums in Nembe, namely Olodi Museum and Mangrove Museum. They are stocked with artifacts dating back to hundreds of years. An Oil Museum has been proposed by the Federal Government for Oloibiri in Ogbia Local Government Area to commemorate the first striking of oil in commercial quantity in Nigeria in 1956.The museum when established will serve as a center of excellence in petroleum history, entertainment and learning.

At Twon-Brass in Brass Local Government Area, there are the Commonwealth Graves of British soldiers who died in the Nembe-British War of 1895 (otherwise know as the Akassa war). In nearby Akassa, there is the Slaves Transit Camp. There is a War Boat in Aleibiri, which is a tourist wonder, Manila and Bronze heads were discover in a forest in Opume in Ogbia Local Government Area.  The beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches at Twon-Brass, Okpoama, Olodiama, Koluama, Sangana and other at Odi, Kaiama, Nembe and the evergreen expanse of mangrove lands in the deep south of the State are also of great exotic and tourist value.

There are however few quality hotels in the State and almost no hospitality industry, bridging the way for substantial returns for pioneer investors.


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