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The State Government has recognized the value, driven from partnering with the private sector for Public-Private-Partnership projects for the provision of infrastructure and social services, as well as for the development of State-owned companies and assets


In and around the capital city of Yenagoa, several road networks have been constructed, all of which are currently insufficient for the ever growing urban economy and population. 

Linking rural areas to the state capital has been a priority to ensure direct access to all eight local government area Council Headquarters.

Another area of importance is the development of utility network, to ensure residential, commercial and industrial access to water and sewage systems. There is also a need to link the rural areas to the city, and sufficient power generation and distribution

The state Government is committed to stimulate investment in the sector through the following key policies:

  • Infrastructure Investment PPP Model: Bayelsa is ready to partner with investors for project of high socio-economic value (for job employment creation and industry development). PPP streamlining Private-Public-Partnership agreements are currently being developed.



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