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~ Aquaculture has a long-standing tradition in Bayelsa State


Nigeria currently imports approximately 740,000 tons of fish annually, while domestic aquaculture produces approximately 500,000 tons. Despite having the longest coastline amongst all the states in Nigeria and significant inland waterways, local fish production in Bayelsa remains low at around 30,000 tons per year, which is insufficient for local consumption and represents significant unmet demand in Bayelsa and neighbouring states

There are currently approximately 150,000 small-scale marine and inland capture fishermen in Bayelsa. While both, small-scale marine and inland capture fishing are traditional activities in Bayelsa state, Commercial fish farming is a recent phenomenon. Since. Bayelsa is 75% mangrove or freshwater swamp with significant freshwater replenishment through rivers, fish farming provides an excellent opportunity to make productive use of land.

There are about 600 homestead fish farms in existence with potential to increase that number substantially. However, no large-scale commercial fish farms could be significantly more productive with access to the right inputs, including fingerlings, fish feed and fertilizers, as well as training. 

Bayelsa’s fish production has the potential to rise from 30,000 tons per annum to well over 100,000 tons per annum.

The State Government is committed to stimulate investment in this sector through the following key policies:

  • Aquaculture Investment PPP Model: The state Government is willing to partner with investors for projects of high socio-economic value (employment creation and industrial development). PPP Models with clear legal framework for streamlining Private-Public-Partnership agreements are currently being developed.
  • Critical Infrastructure Development: A deep sea port located at Agge town along the shoes of the Atlantic Ocean is currently being executed in view towards creating access to international markets to facilitate export of agricultural and allied produce.


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