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The land and climate in Bayelsa State is favourable for the cultivation of both food and cash crops 

These include oil palm, rubber, cocoa, rice, plantation, banana, yams, coco yams, coconut, cassava, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and pineapple.

The State Government has highlighted agriculture and agro-business as one of its critical solutions to a non-oil driven economic growth to boost its internally generated revenue, and solve the critical challenge of unemployment.  Thus, the Government is seeking to bring in investors to establish commercial farming and agro-business activities, with multiple areas for investment in agriculture



Over 60% of Nigeria’s population engages in agricultural production at a subsistence level. Agriculture perennially contributes the largest portion to Nigeria’s economic output and has weighed in with a 40% proportion to Nigeria’s GDP since 2010. Experts forecast that agriculture, rather than crude oil, holds the key to the future survival, growth and sustainability of Nigeria.

Bayelsa state’s agricultural base is extensively rich. Competitive advantage exists for the production of food and tree crops including: cassava, plantain, sugarcane, coconut, oil palm, raffia palm, Africa mango, rubber and seasonal food crops such as maize and fruits, as well as timber.

Existing cultivated land covers a small portion of the total arable area, providing significant opportunities for the development of commercial farms. Approximately 20% of the working age population are small scale farmers, while 10% are fishermen comprising a total estimate of 340,000 farmers and fishermen.

The Bayelsa State Government developed a special purpose vehicle (SPVs) to develop specific target areas of the agricultural sector. These include the Bayelsa Oil Palm Company, Niger Delta Seafood, Bayelsa Farms Ltd. and Creek Food Supplies.

The State Government committed to stimulating investment in the Agricultural sector through the following key policies:

  • Agriculture Investment PPP Model with a clear legal framework for streamlining Private-Publc Partnership agreements.
  • Critical Infrastructure Development: A deep sea port along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in view towards create access to international markets to facilitate export of agro-allied produce located at Agge Town.


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